A Fine Line between Site Content and Design

The one thing you should remember to do as web designer is to have a couple of things in mind when creating a web design. Regardless of what type of website you are building, the website should always be organized and clean, with no color busyness. What does this mean? A web design project should be organized in the sense that all the content should be aligned and the design’s colors and textures should match. If you have a bunch of bright and light colors interacting with each other, you will find your design to be lacking a sense of style.

Web Design Projects

In any web design project you start, you should first get yourself accustomed to creating a layout. A layout is simply a guide of what your final product will look like. In creating a layout, you should mark down where the navigation would be, where the content will be displayed and where your logo or title will appear. If you have a preset layout planned out, you can follow it until you get the hang of the design. Once you feel what you are doing, you can work with the design and incorporate additional features. The niche and theme of the website you are building should be kept in mind at all times, as this is what attracts users. If your website is about travel, you need to bring out this theme in your design.

The one mistake many web developers make is that they create web designs without taking into account the target audience. The target audience, purpose of the site, and web site niche should all be considered when implementing graphics and art work on your webpage. The target audience is a major player in the web design you will be creating, as you will have to target this group. For example, for a girl’s website, you need something that girls will be attracted to. If the general purpose of your website is to provide content and information, you need to have sufficient room to add the content on your page. Having very little room for content, with a large graphic isn’t such a great idea. The audience’s age group could be another factor in your design as well. Older audiences are more used to writing that is larger than usual, and graphics that are simple yet elegant. If you add too many flashy designs and bright colors, it will not attract older audiences. Younger audiences prefer to have flash based graphics and art work.

The website content itself should be well put together. Your content should be aligned on the page accordingly, and the color of the content should match with the rest of the web design. If you have text based advertising on the page, make sure to have the advertising in the same color as the content. This will make it seem very organized and neat, which what makes people, return for more, apart from the content itself.

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