Who We Are?

about I’m the owner of a small web development and web design company and the editor of BestWebHostingList.net

Thanks to my job I was able to work with many different hosting providers. While working on clients websites, wanting or not, I tested the company where the site was hosted. I had pleasant surprises as well very bad experience with hosting firms.

Over the years I gathered lots of experience and information about web hosting service providers. I decided to create a website where I provide reviews, information on uptime and performance and share my personal experience that I had with different hosting services. On my site you will find information about hosting firms that I dealt with and/or still using.

Because choosing a hosting provider is only the first step in creating a successful website, I thought that I will expand this site by uploading fresh content regularly. The tutorials, guides and articles you will find on this websites are created by my small team of writers/developers/designers and by myself.

Hope that you find my website useful! If have any question or suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Disclosure: I get paid if you make a purchase through my website from the companies I review and recommend.